GF Shymko & Associates Inc.

Consultants in Energy • Environment • Sustainability

GF Shymko & Associates is an award-winning multi-disciplinary building engineering firm specializing in energy and environmental performance.

Red River College

A Canadian leader in sustainability engineering, GF Shymko & Associates brings creativity and innovation to design teams working on next-generation high performance buildings. Over a period of over 40 years we have provided design facilitation and energy engineering for some of Canada’s most prominent and advanced buildings ranging in size from 1,000 sm to 200,000 sm, including numerous LEED® projects. Our project portfolio represents several billion dollars in construction cost.

South Health Campus, Calgary

We are also widely recognized for our national and international policy and committee advisory work with governments and organizations such as Natural Resources Canada, the United States Department of Energy, the US and Canada Green Building Councils, the Green Building Initiative, the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE), the National Research Council, the Canadian Standards Association, ASHRAE, and numerous provinces and municipalities.


745 Thurlow St, Vancouver

New Building Design

We provide a full range of multi-disciplinary advisory services in advanced or sustainable building design. We are pioneers in using computer simulation as a dynamic design tool.

Our services include:

  • Developing project performance goals and parameters
  • IDP Design Facilitation
  • Energy and sustainability engineering
  • Advanced building energy simulation
  • LEED® design and coordination
  • Green Globes™ consultation and certification
  • Building rating systems development
  • Assistance with government and utility green building incentive programs
  • Innovative HVAC research and design
  • Renewable energy technologies
UBC Life Sciences

Improvements to Existing Buildings

We examine facilities for cost savings opportunities or for problem resolution, including:

  • Energy analysis and retrofit planning
  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) advisory services
  • Environmental performance assessments
  • Indoor air quality diagnosis and remediation